There is nothing like an overnight success


As entrepreneurs, businessmen or professionals, we always think of achieving success. There are a lot of blogs, forums, and books on this subject. Just like most of them, I believe there is no golden rule for success and there is nothing like an overnight success.

I came across this wonderful book called The Go-Giver: A Little Story About A Powerful Business Idea, which gives us “5 simple laws” for achieving stratospheric success. I believe if you understand them well and put them in practice, they will certainly make a huge difference.

Your true worth is determined by how much more value you give than you take in payment.

Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them.

Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interest first.

The most valuable gift you have to offer is yourself.

The key to effective giving is to stay open and receiving.

To summarize the book, there is nothing like an overnight success. You need to have a lot of patience and the equal amount of passion. Your connections, your ability to serve your clients well and influence people will play a large role in achieving it and it will take time.

This small book with simple yet powerful pointers could impact every human being who want to take a leap forward in any profession.


Hello world!

I loved title of the blog, suitable for the 1st blog.  So voyage with blogging starts on 10 years of Digicorp. I will try to write in my words about photos we click (Nidhi & myself),  travel journey & adventure with wife, family and friends , little bit of technology and entrepreneurship.

I was about to end with above 4 introductory lines but could not resist to write how i transform to whom i am today and what inspired me to start writing.

In my school days i was sports freak,  I was selected in Gujarat state camp for Cricket in class 7. I used to play kho-kho and Valley ball for my school team.  School time was full of sports and academics.  with too much of sports my parents wanted me to learn some music which landed me on classical music field and “Tabla” class begin in class 5.  things I like never go away that easily, I learnt it for 7 years and performed on stage events in  school and college.

My father aspire me to become a doctor being a doctor.  fortunately that did not happen and i graduated as yet another engineer, the second most promising branch after Medicine.  frankly i didn’t knew much beyond Medicine, Engineering and Commerce at my school time.

First encounter to adventure happened when i was in 3rd year of my college at Dangs forest,  Since then I am engrossed with these activities.  I am thankful to my brother-in-law, Alok Chokhawala and family who are engaged with such activities.

After that I went to Himalayan trekking, white water rafting,  road trips and much more.  during this time I came across a new hobby to capture all these moments with camera. However, I only realize that this was a old hobby when Nidhi gifted a photo frame of my childhood holding a camera.  🙂

In college time, I blindly followed my friends just like every student does today and applied Masters for USA . Stood for the VISA interview and rejected, during the same time ground work of Digicorp was going on and was not dejected on not getting a VISA.

Right after college in 6 months of time we started a company name Digitizers corporation aka Digicorp today.

throughout my  journey of school, college and entrepreneurship, I spent most the time with friends and family. It gave me  confidence to stand by my own.  It also inspired me to do what i love to do. 

I love exploring India. It is so rich with culture, places, people and wild life that I don’t need to plan a trip outside India for next 10 years. I have traveled numerous part of India in past 10 years. To share these extraordinary experiences, there is no better platform than blogging, so here i am. Don’t worry, ultimately I am entrepreneur computer engineer, would write around technologies as well.

blogging past travelling experience and photography would take its own sweet time , however nothing wrong to attempt after proclaiming “Hello World” !! 🙂 .

Meanwhile follow our [Nidhi takes good pictures too] photo journey on instagram where I click whats happening around and 500px where pick the best of thousands of clicks.

I not a good writer,  In-case I bore you and anything doesn’t make sense,  feel free to write your comment.